CISA Winter Workshop: Building Workplace Culture for Staff Retention

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 4:30pm
CISA Office, 1 Sugarloaf St., South Deerfield

How do you retain staff year after year? How do you create a strong team from the beginning and follow through the season? In this workshop we will work together to build management and training styles for staff retention including mission clarification, empowering managers and crew leaders, and clear communication and feedback. This workshop builds upon Pete’s fall 2017 workshop and digs deeper into the topic of staff retention, so folks can walk away with clear next steps towards developing a strong farm team and methods of accountability over the course of a season. Stevie and Pete bring their previous work as facilitators, farmers, and managers to this collaboration.

Presenters: Pete McLean of True North and Stevie Schafenacker of CISA

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Farmers and related business owners and operators, you are invited to participate in CISA’s seven-workshop series “Labor Management: Policies, Practices and People” beginning January 2018.

A well rounded farm operation needs to be a positive workplace that meets the needs and expectations of managers and employees. Addressing the issues of ethical management, staff retention, and effective communication and training tools, this series’ topics span the needs of multiple farm audiences. Whether you are new to farm employment or looking for advanced methods to improve staff management and workplace culture, these workshops will provide tools for a productive, healthy, and just workplace that improves farm operations. Examples in the workshops will be farm related, but the skills and methodology will be relevant to all businesses.

By participating in at least three workshops, you will be eligible to receive a one-on-one consultation to improve your staff management and operations.

The cost to attend the whole series is $75 for Local Hero Members or $15 for each individual workshop. The non-member cost is $95 for the series, or $18 for each individual workshop. Food will be provided at each session. If cost is a barrier to your participation, please feel free to contact Stevie to discuss options—we want everyone to be able to get the training they need to effectively operate their business. Scholarships may be available.

Contact Stevie Schafenacker via email or at (413) 665-7100, ext. 27 for more information.