Focus 2015 - 2016

Focus in 2015 - 2016:

In 2015 - 2016, BFN/Mass will be focusing our efforts on conducting a comprehensive assessment of resources that are targeted at beginning farmers in Massachusetts.

The purpose of this assessment is to determine if/which beginning farmers' needs are being met, to what degree, and by whom, and to identify and analyze gaps in resources that exist and that are preventing or slowing progress. The goal of this project is to support the development of specific, collaborative programming and policies that will better serve the growing population of beginning farmers in the state, and enable them to continue farming.

In addition to the Resource Assessment project, BFN/Mass will continue to host participatory gatherings where farmers and service providers can interact, connect with BF communities, strengthen regional ties with other BF allies and networks, support the development of task forces/working groups focused on specific issues, and maintain a strong digital presence and online resource database.

Get Involved!

BFN/Mass needs new leadership and energy to help us move in this exciting direction.

We are currently accepting applications for both our Leadership Team and Advisory Team!

The Leadership Team, made up 4-6 members,will play a hands-on role in making strategic decisions on BFN/Mass’s direction, organization, policies, and membership, and participating in research and organizing work. Leaders will represent each region in Massachusetts and provide diverse perspectives from various sectors.

More info and application available HERE!

The Advisory Team, made of 8-10 members, will provide guidance to BFN/Mass around important strategic decisions, and be called upon as a resource to share unique perspectives and support when needed.

More info and application available HERE!

Please send inquiries and applications to Janel Wright,