Winter Workshop Series - CISA#2: Making it Work for You

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 5:00pm to 8:30pm
Holyoke Community College, 303 Homestead Avenue, Kittredge Center: Room 303

CISA invites you to join our eight-workshop series on Mapping Out Your Farm’s Future: Settings Goals for the Success and Sustainability of Your Farm beginning January 2017. In order to draw a map of the future of your farm, you need a solid foundation with which to review your past and assess your present. This workshop series will support farm owners and operators in decision making for realistic long-term financial, operational, marketing, and personal goals. Examples in the workshops will be farm related, but the skills and methodology will be relevant to all businesses.

Participation in the whole series is encouraged. You will be eligible for a one-on-one consultation by attending one Business Plan workshop. Attending three workshops gives you the eligibility for an additional one-on-one consultation related to the topic of any workshop being held. Dinner will be served at each session. The cost to attend the series is $90 for Local Hero members, or $15 for each individual workshop. The non-member fee is $110 for the series, or $18 for each individual workshop. Register online at or contact Stevie Schafenacker at (413) 665-7100. If cost is a barrier to your participation, please feel free to contact Stevie to discuss options as we want everyone to be able to get the training they need to effectively operate their business. Scholarships may be available.

The first half hour of each workshop will be for food and socializing. Workshops will begin promptly thereafter.

The Farm Business Plan: Making it Work for You
February 1, 5:00-8:30pm
Holyoke Community College, 303 Homestead Avenue, Kittredge Center: Room 303
There are central elements of a business plan that you take away and continue to change daily, weekly, or seasonally. Any system of recordkeeping and operations you develop to get you through the first few years of operations need to be reviewed and updated as your farm changes. In this workshop we will break down some of these key parts and learn how to identify your resources, constraints, and management strategies for meeting your farms’ goals and its future. We will emphasize the financial aspects of planning and projection and address how this, as well as all business aspects, relates to each other. Attending this workshop makes you eligible for one-on-one consultations for business plan support.     Presenters: Dorothy Suput of The Carrot Project,
Caroline Pam of The Kitchen Garden,
and Julia Shanks, Julia Shanks Food Consulting.